Close-up: The evolution of snacking in bakery shops and restaurants

Driven by changing lifestyles, snacking represents a strategic activity and a source of additional turnover in bakery shops and restaurants, that should not be neglected to date.

The snacking and fast food market has tripled in the last fifteen years to reach 51 billion euros nationally. Bakery shops and restaurants now represents 56% of the total out-of-home food market*.
*According to the Gira Conseil firm

Bakery shops and restaurants are benefiting from this context and must diversify their offer to meet consumers' new expectations : a choice from sandwiches to pizzas, pancakes to bagels, quiches to ready meals or finger food to fresh salads.

Did you know ?
It is estimated that 70% of lunches are taken outside. In addition, the lunch break (estimated at an average of 30 minutes) is increasingly used to perform other tasks at the same time (shopping, sports, etc.), which encourages fast food.

In response to this trend and to help you differentiate yourself in your new season, Fedipat® has developed two new sandwich recipes that are easy and quick to make, based on our Strip of crustless sandwich bread (ref. 1621) and our Bagnat bread with seeds (ref. M8006). Discover our club sandwich and our sunny vegetable burger and try to reproduce them in your point of sale.

Recipes made from our products:
- Strip of crustless sandwich bread (ref: 1621)
- Bagnat bread with seeds (ref. M8006)
- Sliced roasted chicken (ref. M9482)
- Mix of semi-dry grilled and marinated vegetables (ref. 0029)

Do you need information about our snacking products or our selection of breads for sandwiches? Contact us or get in touch with your regular salesman.