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Our story

FEDIPAT® is the specialised network for the distribution of frozen products for professionals of the food service industry. Since 2005, we have been supporting our customers day-to-day to provide the best products on the market that meet consumers’ needs and market trends.

Our profession

FEDIPAT® offers to its clients – artisans, bakers, pastry, catering, food services and bake-off shops (sandwich shops, neighbourhood food supermarkets, etc.) – more than 1000 product references on bakery, pastry, snacking, luncheon buffets, ready-to-garnish and solution products, notably including FEDIPAT® branded products.

Our values and commitments

Our passion for taste, quality and innovation – shared with our suppliers – allows us to offer every day the best possible products to consumers. And because each and everyone of our customers is the heart and engine of our company, FEDIPAT® is committed to develop all services needed to perfectly meet their expectations and level of requirement

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Ours products

We propose a 1000 product range selected with great care that will meet your consumers’ expectations at anytime of their daily life. Ideas proponents and tastes federators, we design recipes and develop FEDIPAT® branded exclusive products that will fit your needs and make the difference for your customers. See more

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Ours locations

More than a simple network dedicated to bakery and pastry products, FEDIPAT® is your local supplier through an unique sales network operating in 64 french departments and internationally, with a presence in the United Kingdom. See more

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Our sales support tools

Boosting sale outlet and enlivening offers have become essential to publicize your products and retain your customers. In our ongoing effort to assist our customers everyday in the development of their companies, we designed a set of tools and solutions suited for increasing products and offers visibility.

Ours catalogs

Each year, we make our annual guide available, enabling you to find all our products and novelties. There you will also find recipes, focuses on products and portraits of our clients and suppliers. In november, we propose our Festive catalogue, with a selection of products for the holyday season.

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