Close-up : The impact of the hot beverage offer in a shop

Hot beverage are becoming more and more attractive as a way of boosting attendance and revenue.

The evolution of consumption patterns is pushing to diversify its product offer but also to focus on moments of gourmet break when hot drinks play an essential role.

In addition to setting up a point of sale with seating or standing food, offering a variety of gourmet drinks (such as macchiato, espresso, latte, cappucino, hot chocolate, tea, etc.) remains an essential factor in attracting customers and inviting them to choose the establishment for their drink break.

Did you know ?
88% of French people drink at least one coffee in a typical week according to CHD Expert.

In response to this trend, Fedipat® has developed a hot beverage concept, a flexible and customizable solution designed to adapt to any sales place.


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