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Discover Grandmother’s sweet crêpes®, developed from a traditional Breton recipe using fresh whole milk, wheat flour, cane sugar, fresh eggs and natural vanilla flavour. They are preservative-free and made using high quality ingredients to ensure an unbeatably delicious flavour. Being cooked in the traditional method also makes them incredibly soft.

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Discover these chocolate hazelnut mini doughnuts. Developed from a typical French-style doughnut recipe, they’re rich with eggs and fresh whole milk. With 25% chocolate hazelnut filling, their melt-in-your-mouth texture is sure to satisfy the biggest sweet tooth, no matter the age.

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Discover our sugared doughnut with its meltingly soft and spongy texture, developed based on a classic recipe using eggs, sugar, and fat. This trendy American dessert, with its beautifully round shape, is lightly dipped in sugar after cooking.

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