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Honorine®, with its excellent traditional taste

Over the past three years, an entirely new baguette has crept into nearly every corner of France. Meet the Honorine®, with its unique and truly delicious flavour. Developed by Fedipat’s® R&D team, Honorine® has become a favourite among consumers both young and old. With its light, honey-combed structure formed thanks to a subtle blend of wheat sourdough starter and high quality flour, the Honorine® baguette leaves a lasting impression. It’s becoming available at more and more bakeries, shops, and stands. A hydration level of around 79% and a long fermentation (around 24 hours) lends this baguette its unique flavour and impressive shelf-life (more than 24 hours after purchase in its original packaging, following the preparation guidelines).

It’s easy to prepare, taking only 30 mins to defrost, before baking at 180°C for 13 to 16 mins. Leave to rest for 15 mins before placing in bags. The Honorine® baguette is made in France according to traditional methods. Find out how it’s made with this behind the scenes video:

Our clients love Honorine®, and aren’t shy about telling us:

Testimonial from Magali, Store Manager in Upper Savoy:
It’s been over a year since Magali decided to offer the Honorine® baguette, and her shop has been full ever since. By choosing Honorine®, Magali can be sure she’s offering her clients a quality bread which stands out from the competition. In 2019 Magali sold almost 90,000 baguettes.
Credit : Julie Carpentier - Wild North Studio for Fedipat

Testimonial from Christine, Manager in the Hauts-de-France region:
Christine chose Honorine® for its rustic look, great taste, and excellent shelf-life. The star of the show in her bakery range, Christine bakes it several times a day so she always has a freshly baked batch on hand for those customers who can’t get enough.
Credit : Julie Carpentier - Wild North Studio for Fedipat

Honorine® is also available as:
- 1900 Honorine® Baguette (ref. M9377)
- Multigrain Honorine® Baguette (ref. M9497)
- Organic Honorine® Baguette (ref. 9504)
- Honorin® Loaf (M1199)
- Multigrain Honorin® Loaf (M1294)
And, shortly, as Honorine® Flûte

For more information about Honorine®, contact us or get in touch with your sales representative.