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Our artisanal ice cream range brings a breath of fresh air

Ice cream is very on trend in France. It’s never been enjoyed as thoroughly or as frequently as in recent years. To meet this ever-increasing demand, this year we’re delighted to offer you artisanal ice cream from La Manufacture des Belles Glaces and fruit-filled sorbet from Caresse Antillaise.

Ice cream is France’s favourite dessert.* It’s eaten at home, in restaurants, and out on a stroll – and not just beside the beach either – ice cream lovers even enjoy it in winter, cosied up under a blanket. With ice cream often bought on impulse, being able to tempt passers-by is key. And for that, you need tasty, original flavours and high-quality ice cream.

Here at Fedipat®, we’re big ice cream fans. Our favourites? Those made by artisanal ice cream makers. That’s why we’re committed to offering you a wide range of artisanal ice creams produced by La Manufacture des Belles Glaces, together with fruit-filled sorbets created by Caresse Antillaise. They come in mini size (120ml, 2 scoops) and regular (460ml).

We’ve chosen these producers for their artisanal know-how and their high-quality, carefully selected ingredients. The ice creams are custard-based and the fruit sorbets are 45% fruit, minimum. Your customers will appreciate these traditional French recipes and excellent ingredients, such as Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, Guérande salted caramel, Sicilian lemon, and Senga Sengana strawberry. And they’ll love that the sorbets are packed full of fruit and flavour rather than pumped with air (they’re only 35% air).

Choose traditional recipes and French artisanal know-how. Choose to stand out from the crowd with original, high-quality ice creams, rather than industrial American products.

The La Manufacture des Belles Glaces range includes :


Madagascar Bourbon vanilla ice cream with pecans and caramel sauce

Chocolate hazelnut ice cream with hazelnut pieces and chocolate sauce

Guérande salted caramel ice cream with caramel chunks and sauce

Full fruit lemon and lime sorbet with zest


Full fruit Senga Sengana strawberry sorbet with strawberry pieces

Full fruit mango sorbet

Candy floss ice cream with pink sugar crystals

The Caresse Antillaise range includes :


Full fruit passionfruit sorbet

Full fruit pink guava sorbet

Full fruit pineapple sorbet

Traditional coconut sorbet

Did you know?
80% of French people eat ice cream
17% of ice cream is eaten outside of the home
*source: Agromé

For more information about our range of artisanal ice creams, contact us directly or get in touch with your regular sales representative. We’re here to help and provide advice throughout the summer.