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Happy world bread day 2020! An ideal occasion to explore our premium bread options

To celebrate world bread day 2020, we’re pleased to offer you a selection of premium breads from our favourite ranges. It’s the perfect time for food professionals to improve their bakery offer and remind customers of bread’s benefits.

Create customer loyalty by offering premium bread in your shop or catering outlet. Superior quality loaves packed full of flavour will see your customers returning for seconds and thirds.

In restaurants and catering settings, the breadbasket serves as a first impression. It hints at the quality of the food to come. So make sure it’s a good one by including traditional high-quality products such as individual finger rolls, multigrain bread, and country loaves.

Did you know?
According to the French Observatory on Bread, French people eat between 110 and 200g of bread a day. Few even consider eating a meal without bread.

Our range of small finger rolls is perfect for upmarket catering and restaurant settings. With their unique, high-quality, modern yet traditional look, our small multigrain finger rolls are ideal as part of a premium catering set menu, either to take away or dine in.

Small multigrain finger rolls
Small corn finger rolls
Small Norwegian-style finger rolls

Our range of Big Chefs brioche burger buns works well either to take away, in a street food setting, or plated up brasserie or pub-style. A brioche burger bun topped with poppy and sesame seeds is the sign of a true hamburger à la française. It’s wonderfully light and fluffy, making it an excellent snack choice. And its modern look means it’s well-suited to premium snack set menus. Closer to an artisanal brioche than a traditional burger bun, it’s sure to tempt street food lovers looking for tasty, on-trend options.

Brioche burger bun
Multiseed brioche burger bun
Poppy and sesame seed brioche burger bun

Our Honorine® range has become a firm favourite among customers both young and old; in France and further afield. Plus, there’s a variety of shapes and flavours to choose from, with traditional, organic, and multigrain baguettes, and multigrain loaves. Developed by Fedipat’s® R&D team, the Honorine® range is without a doubt the firm favourite among our premium bakery products.

Honorine® Baguette
1900 Honorine® Baguette
Multigrain Honorine® Baguette
Honorine® Half-Size Baguette
Organic Honorine® Baguette
Honorine® Flûte
Honorin® Loaf
Multigrain Honorin® Loaf

We know that organic is top of the agenda for many. So we’ve carefully selected a range of organic products made in France to meet your customers’ needs and expectations. For more information, read our snapshot of the organic bread market in France.

Organic Boule
Organic wholemeal bread
Organic Honorine® Baguette

Our range of specialty pre-baked breads can feature year-round in your shop, catering, or restaurant outlet. Simply update your order to suit the season or what you fancy. These must-haves are widely praised by customers for their ability to pair perfectly with different dishes. There’s a specialty bread to suit each dish and course: from starters through to the cheese board, to accompany seafood, poultry, or game. They’ll tantalise tastebuds, cleanse palates, and enhance flavours.

Rye loaf
Multigrain loaf
Sporty loaf
Wholemeal loaf
Country loaf
Corn loaf with sunflower seeds
Walnut loaf
Rustic boule

With over 21 new products this year and more than 160 options in our boulangerie range, we’re bound to have what you need here at Fedipat®.

For more information about our bakery products, contact us directly or get in touch with your regular sales representative.